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Anand Manimaran - HDFC Bank
"As part of our Fraud Risk mitigation process, we use CrimeCheck  reports to check legal history. Their risk reports are clean.  They are quick to respond and extremely helpful, always receptive to recommendations.  They're a pleasure to work with."
- Anand Manimaran - Location Manager - CIC (Credit Intelligence & Control), HDFC Bank
Ushma, NeoGrowth
"We have been using CrimeCheck for over a year now. Their reports are good quality and timely.
- Ushma, NeoGrowth
Ushma, NeoGrowth
"We have integrated CrimeCheck API, with it the Crime Check process happens automatically for us. We just have to focus on RED cases."
- Rajiv, SMECorner
Crime Records

Crime Records

Checks Performed

Checks Performed

Cases Found

Cases Found

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in CIBIL’s Wilful Defaulters List had a court case against them even before appearing in the list!

One’s legal history, influences their likelihood to default on your organization

CrimeCheck conducted a study and compiled a report which highlights this strong positive correlation.

Instant & Comprehensive Court Record Checks

Based on biggest database of court records in India

Best Coverage & Search

With over 25 crore records from all courts and tribunals in India, our machine-learning powered search also takes care of errors like typos, phonetics etc

Comprehensive Report

Our reports contain actionable items presented concisely with links to source

Continuous Checks

With our CrimeWatch feature, we continuously monitor cases against requested Individuals/Companies and notify you when as and when new cases are found in records

API Integration

CrimeCheck is also available as an API integration, for super-fast court records search and risk-assessments, as well as custom white-labelled solutions

Unified Interface for Criminal Records Check in India

Backed by the biggest database of court records in India, CrimeCheck helps you search court cases against any person or company anywhere in India

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One Stop for Criminal Verification

All cases from different courts and tribunals in one place

Widest case coverage

We have the widest case coverage updated frequently so that the checks are thorough

Accurate Results using our smart search

Our search handles various typo errors. It uses proprietary ranking algorithms to give results in relevant order

Comprehensive Report

Colour-coded Reports for thorough checks help you focus on few important items


Report Covering all Information with Source

Our colour-coded reports not only highlight the important parts with source but also give inputs on severity of the cases.

Reports are designed in a way that they don't need legal knowledge to know the risk.

Tailored to your needs

We serve different industries to reduce their risks and have solutions as per the industry


We help you hire the right people by providing fast and relevant crime record check, with a Risk-o-meter for quick decision making.

Our financial risk reports help you identify risks in providing financial services based on the nature of court records against the subject.

With CrimeWatch feature, we notify you via email whenever there is any court record against your subject. This helps in taking pro-active action.

Crime Check can be used on vendors for risk managements. It can also be before getting into partnerships.


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